Our purpose is to help youth discover their unique passion.


We help youth create a plan to leverage their resources and supports to create success. We believe that all youth, even those marginalized and overlooked, have this spark and are capable of greatness.

Services we provide for youth:

  • Life Coaching (single or multiple sessions) – Hour long connections to process questions and emotions, build confidence, and create next-steps for anything youth are facing.

  • Next Steps Development (5 sessions) – 5 weeks of intentional personal development that will help young people discover their purpose, passion and create a plan for wherever life takes them. 

  • Coaching Group  – Join us in a group coaching setting.

  • College and Career Readiness – intended for youth heading off to college, or transitioning to a career. Help with college applications, essays, college decisions, and course-planning. Help young people gain the skills to become independent in the next season of life. 

  • Life-Skills Development – working with youth to build the skills they want to acquire, opportunities to practices those skills and build community connections. 

  • Youth 101 – Hour long connections with parents & caregivers to help process and meet the unique needs of youth.
We would love to connect with you! Please check out our service descriptions through our Connect page and schedule a Connection call or email us here.