We press on



   From a glance at the newspaper, a conversation with a friend over coffee, to the ever-present dark within us seemingly shouting all that is wrong within us; we know and understand that something is not right. The newest scandal in politics, another school shooting, broken families in broken homes, we are often left with more questions that we have answers. We look for things to cling to, ever on the defensive from the rocks being thrown at our glass houses. We have all shouted, “life is unfair,” as if God could snap His fingers and we could have our own version of a perfect life. Anger arises in us when our prayers are left unanswered and our doubts begin to take root in our hearts.


   Yet, we press on. We move forward.


   There is good in this world. We look to the night sky or to a setting sun and see a glimpse of the divinity and artistry of our Creator. A friend buys us dinner or we hear of some guy in California who rescued a family and our hope in humanity is restored. Those moments stir our hearts and for a second we realize that the moments in the sun will always be worth the moments we feel left in the dark. Even in the chaos of our lives, there is beauty, there is order, and there is love.


   We press on. We move forward.


   This blog is to help people see the order in the chaos that swirls around us. As a chronicle of my experiences with jumping into the dark fearlessly, knowing God has a purpose and a plan. It is created for wrestling with the deep things of God. For hope lingers on, hope that we will grow in our understanding of manhood, service, discipleship, community and the world around us. That we will see that good always beats evil. That love conquers all. We will share ideas on how to influence the next generation of earth shakers and kingdom followers. I hope you will join me in this grand adventure. Ask questions, be opinionated, stretch your hearts and minds.


   We press on. We move forward.

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