Let’s Get a “W” on the Board

vintage little league

Transitioning into a new ministry position can be tough. Not only are you battling to meet the requirements of the job you also have to adjust to routines, procedures, and people that the new job comes with. You have new ideas and insights that can rub the status quo. Breathe. Try to get some quick wins under your belt, even the smallest of wins builds momentum.

From a previous post, I suggested you meet with the stakeholders of your ministry including, supervisors, volunteers, parents, students. This allows for clear communication, expectations, vision and feedback from all parties. This simple move communicates a lot about you and your ability to lead people.

Find an area in the ministry that is lacking and fix it fast. Whether it is communication with parents, volunteer training or simply how you are promoting your student ministry. Forward progress may not happen overnight, yet these quick wins help show your ability to lead people, willingness to be a team player, demonstrates you have a vision for the future and shows your ability to make decisions. We all can identify areas of improvement. Find a few small things and tackle them in order to build momentum for the big things.

For myself, I have been apart of this ministry for three years as a volunteer. I know the strengths and shortcomings. Coming on staff full time I have been able to boost those strengths and press into the short comings. Changing up the atmosphere for our big group gathering has made it seem more intimate, engaging and exciting for students. Meeting with leaders and seeking their feedback allows for a discussion to be had about what is best for the group and allows them to catch hold of the vision for the future. Changing our table space on Sunday mornings and shifting how we promote our student ministry has helped create conversations and connect with students. Evaluating how we do things and why we do them allows for our resources to go towards those things that are working and wean away from those things that have little impact.

Look for areas in your ministry that you can find a quick win. Buy your leaders dinner, give away some prizes, or take some student leaders out bowling. Build the momentum and get some “W’s” on the board.

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