Leaps and Bounds to Leading


At the Orange conference this past Spring reThink launched the Lead Small App. It has been a great tool for my small groups and group leaders the past few months. It has tools for icebreakers, the ability to track the members of your own small group, encouragement for student leaders and offers both a devotional and discussion guide.

This week I received a long anticipated update. We get to add our own curriculum! It feels like Christmas. They offered great curriculum and questions, yet at times it was hard to shape my discussions with students when we would be doing something differently in our own student ministry. The customization of this app is a game changer. Here are a few reasons why I am pumped to be using Lead Small this upcoming year.

  • Customization of curriculum – you have the ability to still use the curriculum from reThink, which is great. Yet, even when I was a teacher I would tweek the designed curriculum and questions to fit the needs of my students. Same with Lead Small. You can add your own complete curriculum, complete with discussion questions, or simply tweek some of the questions to personalize it to your group. This ability does come with a price ($14.99 a month) but the customization ability and the resources Lead Small (which is free) offers is worth it.
  • Lead Small is adaptable to different levels of family ministry. You can change the curriculum, content and questions to the age level within your church. Leaders of multiple small groups can change the age level of the curriculum with a push of a button. This allows us to equip the leaders of students and children for exponential kingdom impact.
  • I was excited after I signed up to get a surprise bonus. A weekly to-do list was sent to me. This was cool because it helped me think through some of the ways our student ministry is impacting parents, leaders and students. Making sure you are communicating with all stakeholders in ministry, even giving templates to do so. Social media plans and resources to keep update on training and organization of your ministry. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Lead Small is a great tool to help you reach students and lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. It helps ease some of the pressure off your leaders and allows yourself to be more a more functional and organized (read effective) kingdom worker.

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