As if they were the only one in the world

ali ice cream white kid

The past couple weeks the attendance at our weekly Sunday night gathering has slowly began to dwindle. I was racking my brain last night for a while just listing what has been the trends the past few weeks, what needed to be improved and identifying kids that haven’t come back and making a note to follow up with them. Then God really began to put something on my heart.

A few weeks ago another leader spoke on the parables of the lost coin and lost sheep. He said ‘heaven rejoices” over just one sinner turning away from sin. I was, needless to say, convicted. Have I gotten caught up in the numbers game and forgotten to rejoice over the one?

I started praying, “God show me the one, bring us the one, help us invite the one to come to know You.” I prayed that I could be faithful with the little God has stewarded me with. Jesus Christ died on the Cross of all the world sins, but I believe He would have done it if you, or I, were the only ones in the world. That is how big and extravagant His love is. I hope I can just love on my students a sliver of how He loves us. As if they were the only one in the world.

Don’t get discouraged. Stay in the fight. God has gifted you and given you a flock to take care of. No matter how small. Pray hard, war hard. Rejoice in the one. Celebrate the one. Go nuts for the one. Love the one. More will be close behind.

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