Think Big, Think Orange!


Orange conference 2015 is going to be epic. I am super pumped to be out in Atlanta for a few days. Last year was the first time I attended Orange conference. If I am honest, I knew very little about Orange and was even a little skeptical about it. After a few days with the people of Orange, discovering what they are about, getting resources and ideas from other ministries I was sold. I am looking forward to Orange 2015 for 3 major reasons.

  1. The people at Orange are like none other. I can’t wait to be in one place full of people with similar vision, passion and drive to impact the youth of America for Jesus Christ. The people who attend Orange are crazy and awesome. One guy was decked out in an entire orange colored suit, another with an orange mohawk, you never know what you will see. What other reasons do you need? Connecting with people within the Orange network, seeing old friends, making new ones, it is all part of the experience at Orange. There will be great speakers sharing great stories and new ideas. After the week you will feel refreshed and ready to take on your corner of the world.
  2. Orange conference is always, repeat always, fun. Last year they brought in Jeff Foxworthy and had David Crowder lead worship. You won’t have a night that you are not cracking up laughing. You will be engaged and inspired to go out and impact His Kingdom. Great people, great experiences, and great fun.
  3. Last year Orange unveiled the leadsmall app for smart devices. I was so excited to use this tool in ministry this year. Recently they just allowed us to edit the material. Definitely a game changer. Who knows what they will give to people this year. There are great resources to buy and help in your ministry. The staff at Orange do a great job of bringing new ideas and resources to the Orange network.

If you haven’t signed up for Orange 2015 yet, opening day is October 9th. If you were sitting on the fence check out this video and be assured that Orange conference 2015 will blow your mind and go above all your expectations. See you in April.

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