It has been a rough few years. Things aren’t always easy. I’m not surprised by it either. We are told to expect suffering, toil, hardship, and hurt. I can get into this rut however that perpetuates my circumstances. The circumstances of my life distract me and I forget to look for Jesus. Like quicksand, I get stuck and sink deeper and deeper into gloom. My wheels just keep spinning in the mud. I have been here before, it takes time to get out of but I usually do.

I have to force myself. Push against the gravity of the situation. Get up and move once again. I seek wisdom. I ask for prayers. I am blessed with people in my life that will talk with me, pray for me and ask me tough questions. There are friends that will help to motivate me and encourage me when I want to tap out. I am blessed that way. My friend Augie reminded me today of Elijah in 1 Kings 19. Ready to die to asks God to “take away [his] life.” God responds “Arise and eat, you’ve got a long journey ahead.” God knows our circumstances, we need to hold fast to His purposes. Remember His grace. You woke up this morning, you’re breathing now, that is His grace and mercy at work.

Seeking truth in my life is part of getting unstuck. Figuring out what I can control and how I can respond. Wrestling with the truth that God has spoken in my life. Listening to the truth spoken by kind friends. Let go of the lies that are only there to get you more stuck. Fighting off the delusions, romanticized thoughts, fantasies and false realities of my past, present and my future. Stay grounded in truth.

I need to replace bad habits with positive ones. I need to stop being alone, start getting accountable, go see a therapist, get medicated. Start eating better and working out, it amazes me how my mood changes by just lifting weights. I heard this great quote once “burden is what we carry, weight is what we lift and let down.” I can feel the chemical change in me, confidence comes back, and my emotional low can begin to swing up. What is your outlet, your place to think, to bring balance back into your life.

If you’re stuck in a rut, you can get out. Hold fast to the truth in your life, battle the lies. Start getting momentum through small wins. Look to what you can control, and let go of the rest. Inhale. Exhale. You can get back up. I believe in you.

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