Chasing Passions


I am excited for this new year. I have a lot of things I am passionate about and things I hope to accomplish. I hope to blog more, work towards starting a non-profit, and continue to develop and grow the student ministry I lead. However, I can quickly get distracted with mundane tasks, get stuck emotionally, or just get plain lazy. Laziness and boredom are my worst enemies. I have some new weapons though. I started using a few resources to help me organize, build a strategy, and work towards accomplishing many of my goals.

With the help of some friends I have really started to look into discovering my calling in life. I have taken multiple personality tests and the StrengthFinders assessment. I have examined the things that bring me excitement and joy and try to avoid those things that fill me with pure rage. I manage my time to fill it with things that fill my battery instead of draining it. For instance, since leaving teaching I realized I miss the constant contact with kids. I work in student ministry but still it wasn’t everyday I was in contact with students. Now I try to see or connect with at least one student somehow during the day. I prioritize my to-do lists so I can get done what I dread most, first. You will not find satisfaction or real joy until you can find your true calling in life. Are you living it right now? If so, congrats you are one of a lucky few. If you’re like me it has been a journey that I find has new twists and turns everyday. A big part of finding my sweet spot in life is chasing after those things I am passionate about.

Write those things down. Keep a journal or planner with your goals and passions. A friend just gave me a passion planner. In it I wrote down some short, mid, and long-term goals. I created a time line of steps to take to accomplish those things. Everyday I try to do something to work towards the completion of at least one of those goals. You would be surprised at how quickly those goals can be reached when you are working at them everyday.

Share your passions with other people. Tell them your goals and dreams. You may inspire them or they may come on board to help support you. Ask for people to hold you accountable to your passions. Whether it is a spouse or a friend, those people can spur you on in your drive for success.

Be bold. Look for low cost things that can give you an insight into something you are interested in. Volunteer somewhere you are interested in. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to ask. I have learned one thing recently, “you get nothing that you don’t ask for.” If no one knows you want something, how will they know to give it to you.

Think about what you are passionate about. Make a plan. Write them out. Imagine and dream. Work out steps you need to take. Make a timeline. Work at them, daily. I have attached links to some of the resources I have been using lately. Stop making excuses and chase after your dreams.

Passion Planner

Weekly Dominator

Strength Finders

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