I have blogged about the leadsmall app from Orange before. I love it. The customization, the tools it offers and how it allows you to stay connected with other leaders and your small group is amazing. When you sign up for LEADsmall you also will receive Weekly.

Weekly is sent out, well, weekly. However, you also view a new list monthly and annually. It is a strategy and information tool to help communicate and stay connected with parents and small group leaders.

Weekly offers a quick “to-do” list strategy that helps make our job as leaders easy. It allows us to be more helpful to parents, engage student leaders and therefore impact the lives of students. From planning your social media campaign, reminders to connect with leaders on birthdays and over coffee Weekly is a great tool to help increase your capacity to impact the lives of students for Jesus.

Weekly sets you up to “cue” the parents in their role of influencing their children to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. From sending out ideas for hang out times, blog ideas, to giving them tips to having tough conversations parents in our ministry have benefited from our ministry team using Weekly.

If you haven’t signed up for Weekly yet, check out goweekly.com

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