School has begun for all the counties around me. Students are already complaining and feeling the pressure. From my experience of once being a teacher I assure the students that the teachers are too. Yet, schools give us a unique opportunity to do ministry in our community. Many churches are turned off from going to schools and schools are hesitant to have churches come in. There are many politically driven concerns. The concerns may be valid from a political standpoint but from a relational standpoint and from a ministry perspective we can do a better job of reaching out to our local schools.

Schools are full of students. That is a no-brainer. To help you in your ministry get plugged into your schools. Connect with teachers and administrators, know the coaches and the counselors. Connect with students. Build relationships with students where they are, on their terms and greet them with a smile.

Schools can be a difficult place for someone in ministry to get into. Be fearless. Email the principal, put aside the “Christianese” word “serve” and simply ask if they are looking for volunteers. Leave your evangelical agenda to the side and win the right to be heard by students and staff. Tell them you have some free time and would like to help in the school. Jump through all the political hoops they want you to jump through and do it with a smile on your face and extra coffee in your hand. What are you passionate about? Use that passion to help a club at the school, volunteer coach a sports team, organize papers, or simply stuff envelopes. Schools are never short of things for people to help with.

To see a kingdom impact happen, connect with your local schools. Partner with other churches or other Christian organizations. Be the body of Christ not just a building on Sunday mornings. Ask the schools what their needs are and meet one of them. Be faithful in that commitment. Strive to be like Jesus in that time. Use the opportunities that arise invite people to church or their next step. Be patient and prayerful. You never know the impact you will have, or what doors may open for your ministry, until you can step out of your comfort zone and reach out into your local schools.

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