Kingdom Minded


There is a Kingdom Movement happening with a new generation of Jesus followers. Kingdom Workers, individuals oriented to use their gifts, talents, resources, and influence to impact the Kingdom of God. These Kingdom Workers are changing the world. To make Jesus known they go outside normal conventions and move past sacred cows in order for the world to discover God. This, however, can build tensions between traditions and a movement of world shakers.

In order to be Kingdom-Minded we must move past ‘Me-centric’ Ministry and see past sacred cows and traditions. ‘Me-centric’ ministry says that your ministry, your church, your growth is the most important. It means that you take all of your resources, talents and energy and invest it in your own bubble. It holds traditions as sacred and chooses personal preference over what is best to impact people. ‘Me-centric’ ministry (albeit unknowingly) builds walls to people and the community.

Kingdom-Minded ministry is different. It seizes opportunities. It sees that the Church is bigger than one building that is open on Sundays. Kingdom-Minded ministry uses resources, talents and influence to help other people and other ministries seeking to help people begin and develop a relationship with God. It get rids of the “us-versus-them” mentality of competition between churches and helps one another change the world. It sees that more can be accomplished by partnering together. e

Lately, this has greatly impact our student ministry. It allows different organizations to partner together for a greater good. We have partnered with other churches to put on events that were greater together than just one of us alone. We have equipped and trained leaders in para-church organizations in how to grow students deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Other organizations have helped us with volunteers and student leaders to impact the lives of students.

There is change in how we do church. It is bigger than just our own bubbles, we can do more together than on our own. We must seek to partner with one another, share with one another, and grow one another. Examine your ministry, your community, churches in your area, how can you partner with them? How can you help them? Where have you been focused only on your numbers and your growth? Let us put foolish rivalries behind us and move forward with a Kingdom Vision for Kingdom Work to build the Kingdom of God.

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