Orange Conference is Coming


This past week I got to participate with the Orange Tour. It was held at my church for their DC stop. I can’t wait to go to the Orange Conference 2016 in Atlanta. The tour was awesome; the leaders, the discussions, and all of the energy. I will touch on that Orange stop this Thursday in another post, but I wanted to share with you all why Orange won me over, yet again.

Orange cares about kids

Orange exists to better equip the church and the home to raise children to know God. Orange, at its core, is about kids. Kids of all ages and backgrounds. Their curriculum is targeted towards kids and their specific psychological, social, and learning phases. Orange uses researched and proven scientific data to support their curriculum and strategy. They know how a kid thinks, feels, and acts at all the phases of life. They align tips and advice to help all the adults in kids lives, from teachers, to small group leaders, to parents. Everyone is equipped and informed on how to influence kids. They are driven by a passion for kids and to see kids in healthy relationships that will point them towards God.

Orange Cares about You

Orange cares about you as the ministry leader and ministry volunteer. They give you strategic advice, planning, and curriculum to enhance your ability to have meaningful relationships with kids and leaders. They see that your job as a ministry lead is not simply to write the curriculum but to invest in the lives of the kids and your leaders. They take a load off your shoulders so you can do the things that first inspired you to go into ministry, kids. They are quick to share new resources and give advice from people who have gone through the ringer. They have specialists ready to answer any questions you may have and fight with you in your ministry. They know that it isn’t just about a job, but it is about the Kingdom of God.

Orange Cares about God

Orange wants to see kids in a healthy relationship that will show them who Jesus is. They believe that each kid, each person, is created in the image of God; that we should treat a child and interact with that child as if they were created in His image. They honor God with their excellence and with their passion. Orange uses strategies and research to build foundations through each phase of a kid’s life to show them Jesus.

The 2016 Orange Conference is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to hear new insights and ways to impact the lives of students. Everytime I leave an Orange event I feel refreshed in my ministry and can walk away with more confidence in them and my abilities as a student pastor.

Registration for The Orange Conference 2016 opens October 8! Join us at #OC16 to discover how to make what you do on Sunday matter more during the rest of the week. #ThinkOrange

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