Snow Days

snow days

Thirty-two inches of snow crushed the east coast this past weekend. The snow disrupted church, travel, work and all sorts of other plans. Yet, these weekends can be seen as a gift; a gift for yourself, your family, and your ministry. When these things happen during the winter months you can leverage these days off for much needed rest, revitalize relationships and have unique ministry experiences.

For three (maybe four) days I have been stuck in the house. The roads are too bad for my car to get me anywhere. There are a few ways you could be spending this time. I would definitely be catching up on some rest. Don’t set your alarms in the morning and enjoying those cozy mornings. Snuggle up with loved ones or with your favorite book. When you start to get cabin fever get productive. Get some work tasks done, reorganize your office, do some laundry or clean your room. It is also a great opportunity to find some time to pursue those crazy ideas you’ve been dreaming about and wishing for more time to think through them. Set some time aside to get creative and dream.

The snow days also provide a great opportunity to spend time with the people who are closest to you. Literally, they are probably stuck in the same house as you. Round everyone up and play some board games. Make meals together and catch up on some t.v shows together. If you have kids, go on an adventure. Build a snow fort or go sledding. These moments in life are a gift for us to reconnect with the people in our lives.

With a unique opportunity like snow days come some unique ways to leverage them. Go around and help people shovel, or better yet, invest in a snow blower for the sole purpose of helping others get cleared out. You can strike up conversations with neighbors and build impactful relationships in your neighborhood and community. Snow days are also a great way to engage students. Create a shoveling gang to walk the streets together, laughing and helping other people together. Take neighborhood kids sledding at some random hill. Bend some rules to get on that one hill that you aren’t supposed to be on and create an amazing memory.

These opportunities can extend to just snow days. There are moments when we get surprise time given to us. It is important to make the use of that time; resting, crushing the day and loving people around you.

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