It is ok to celebrate. We need to celebrate. If we don’t celebrate the victories, no matter how small, we will be left with drudgery and frustrations. So, we celebrate.

Celebration should be a part of your life, your workplace culture, and a staple in how you do ministry. Find excuses to celebrate. Go out of your way to make something a big deal. When we are always forward thinking and forget to celebrate the ways God is coming through for you now you miss out. You miss out on a heart of thankfulness, on an opportunity to praise God and a chance to party like a rock star.

The Bible says that there is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner coming to know God. We must rejoice along with them. When a student gets baptized, when a student comes to know Jesus for the first time or when a kid for the first time comes to the end of themselves (Luke 15:17). Celebrate. Maybe it is not a huge party or a crazy thing. What if your celebration was a quiet prayer on the way home. What if it was a giant bear hug. Celebration can take many forms.

How you celebrate tells a lot of about your ministry and life. The ability to celebrate will instantly bring joy into the culture you are a part of.
Here’s some ways I like to celebrate:
Make a big deal of the big things (and some of the small things)
Laughing so hard you can’t stop
Make students feel special
Remember to enjoy the moment, and marinate in it
Don’t rush off to the next thing
What can you do this week to celebrate? Who can you celebrate with? What do you do in your ministry to make celebration important?




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