Time Left EVER



Ministry is this loaded term. It is a “churchy” word we throw around yet it is simply living a life that reflects Jesus. It is using your gifts and talents to engage the world around us and bring joy and hope into it. When we say that this mindset isn’t left to margins of life, what people are trying to say is that helping others and showing up for people shouldn’t be done after your own agenda is completed. What often happens though is we see our ability to serve then designated to only certain events. We pigeon hole ministry into only something a church can do. That if it is not linked to a church program, did it really actually happen?

Ministry is not designated to a particular place, program or set for a particular time. It is not something we do after work for a couple hours to check off a box for our spiritual checklist. It is our hearts and minds transformed by the grace of God. It is showing up for the least of these all the time. It is moral character and behavior that is different then the world tells us. If you feel your relationship is Jesus is set to Sunday mornings and only if you have some extra time or extra money, it is time for a heart check. Look at the world around you, where can you help and why haven’t you do so already? That is your ministry. You are fully equipped and ready to dive in. You’ve been called and have been invited. Will you begin to see that your life is the platform to do ministry?

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