Community is vital for our live to thrive. We need people to walk through life with, laugh with, cry with and challenge us to be the best version of ourselves. It can be messy and there can be tough conversations. Yet, through the highs and lows of community we can firmly say, “worth it.”

I get excited for opportunities to spend time with people who have similar life trajectories, values and passions. I also love spending time with those that vary from my own, but there is something wholly unique about dreaming and planning with people who are on the same page as you are. 

For me, community happens at the Orange Conference.  I get to spend time with people who make me laugh, grow and scheme about how to take over the world. Orange offers a place for people who value young people, parents, and entire communities to come together in community. 

Every year, I mark this conference as my go too event. I take off work, hustle rides, and do whatever it takes to get me a seat there. It is at Orange that I met a group of people who understand the value of relationships, who wanted to champion for the lives of young people and who strive to leave the neighborhoods they are a part of better for having been there. It is where I felt that I belonged and could add into the conversation that I have aligned my life around. 

There are plenty of opportunities to find community. There are meets up with Orange Leaders to help think through curriculum and strategy, games to play, amazing coffee to drink, and Chick-fil-a lines to wait through (seriously, all worth it). Follow people on social media and arrange a hang. I would love to hang out!

Come to Orange Conference this year, lets laugh and dream together. You were made for this, lets add your voice to community that is changing the world. 

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