Partner Up!



Someone once told me that “if your dreams don’t require you to ask for someone else’s help, then your dreams aren’t big enough.”

You should want to, and have to, partner with people to accomplish the purposes you have for your group, the youth you work with and even for yourself personally. Finding those partners can be hard, especially finding people whose purpose and passion go to the same beat as yourself. They are out there though, simply waiting for you to say “hey.” Here are some ideas that I have used to created networks of people and organizations to partner with.

Find/Build a Network

Most cities have networks and organizations that all have a similar goal: to see youth succeed. Start by joining one of them. Share your ideas, what is working for you and see what other organizations are doing in the community. See where you can step up to help others and create partnerships with specific organizations to help you meet the needs of your own. In the rare case that a network doesn’t already exist, build it. Find the niche that you are looking to fill and connect with others through word of mouth, research and reaching out.

Who is Running With You?

Who are the people that are keeping up with you, or even in front of you, as you champion for youth? Find those people and buy them coffee. See what they hope to achieve in their work and encourage one another along the way.

How can I help You?

Partnerships are about give and take. Make sure you are giving just as much as you are asking of others. Step up for others, be professional, help others to win in their projects and programs and soon you will be too. Don’t expect others to show up for you when you’re consistently too busy to step up yourself. Have a mindset of helping others succeed and you’ll find that your own success is coming along as well.


As you work there will be opportunities for various events or programs that you won’t be perfect for. It may not be the best fit for a variety of reasons. However, I bet you know someone that would love that opportunity. When you partner with people you help set others up to be successful, you make introductions for others that help them open up new doors in their work and lives. After all we are all on the same team.

Partnering with people can be so much fun. You’ll find some new friends, achieve amazing things and have fun along the way. Look out for one another, support one another and always be looking for ways to help someone else out.

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