The first night of Orange just wrapped up and even though it is just starting there is a ton to think about and inspire us to do more. There was great conversations about how to innovate in your team, create space for the church, justice and hip hop to come together, leader tips from movement leaders and techniques to bring out the best in your team. Check out the workshop notes from todays YouLead sessions and my favorite quotes from the main session.

Volunteer Recruitment Makeover with Tom Shefchunas

Techniques to Get the Best Out of Your Team with Amy Baker

Hip Hop, Justice, and Faithwith Joseph Sojourner , Sam Collier and Lisette Fraser

Main Session Highlights


Gerald Fadayomi

If you could only pray for one thing for the next generation what would it be?

If Jesus could pray for only one thing, what would it be?

John tells us, Jesus would pray for Unity, that we would be one

Being one does not mean you think the same way, but that you are moving in the same direction

Unity is setting our differences aside to make a difference

Unity is finding common ground for the common good

Unity is the realization that we can do more together

How can the next generation believe that here is a God who is for them, forgives them and loves them if we cant do those things for one another.

Reggie Joiner

It is not what you build that matters, it is what happens in you, what happens to you, what happens in the process as you build it as a team and work together that truly matters.

We can’t ignore what is broken

Nehemiah was able Leveraged whatever he had. So, we must leverage everything we have, access, knowledge, privilege for those around us.

We cant rebuild anything without it costing us something

Go see for yourself, proximity changes perspective. Go see the struggles of others for yourselves

Nehemiah challenges others to do something they did not know how to do.

Everyone Nehemiah needed to rebuild the town, was already in the town. The volunteers, the people you need to rebuild the broken community around you is someone to breathe and rally a group of people around a new vision.

When things seemed desperate, Nehemiah takes people and fills in the gaps to fight for their families. When you see Moms and Dads standing in the gap for their sons and daughters, you don’t want to face that.

Rally and inspire every parents and families to show up, take their part and make them the champion of their sons and daughter.

Expect to see God, but be prepared to see a God that you didn’t expect.

How we work together will change how a generation sees God.

Don’t forget to get a full breakdown tomorrow morning by checking out our podcast with YMSidekick here.

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