Day 2 is all wrapped up and it was great day of learning and processing all the challenging topics and new ideas that speakers presented. Yesterday started with a main session with some great ideas and quotes from Doug Fields and Andy Stanley with an entire day of workshops. I have posted notes to these workshops and my favorite quotes from the main session below. We love podcasting with our friends at YMSidekick and you can find our breakdown of the day here.

Main Session 2

Doug Fields

We can do more together when we recognize we can’t get there on our own

“We is greater than I” (better together) WE>I

We have created in ourselves, Consciously or unconsciously, the role of individual ministry leader

There will be no statues built in your honor. Great leaders don’t do it alone.


I need you here.

Culture doesn’t change because we desire it to change. It changes when the organization is transformed. The culture reflects the reality of the people working together every day. Transform it by relying on each other.

Andy Stanley

We can do more together, when we lead the church to stay focused on what matters

IF we get the “one” part right, everything changes… because once upon a time ONE, Won.

when we function as one, the world can change.

Oneness –We will be united on that, Jesus is the christ, son of the living God, Messiah, and if you stay focused on that, that will drive and move you forward. This is a common denominator and we have common ground. It should galvanize our passion, and our passion for what one another is doing.

He prayed for our oneness, our unity: John 17

Unity is mission critical, if we are not one we will not win.

Disunity disrupts the mission

Imagine a world where people were skeptical of what we believe, but envious of how we treat one another

Be the Bridge – Latasha Morrison

The Grown-ups Guide to Teenage Humans – Josh Shipp

Partnering With Parents in The CityDr. Deborah Tillman

The last day of Orange is coming up and is full of expectation. Check back later to see how Orange Conference 2018 wraps up.

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