‘Tis the Season



’Tis the Season for giving. From Christmas trees, hot cocoa and loads of presents, everyone is excited during this season. Stay tuned throughout the next couple weeks as we do some gift giving of our own.

This season is also a time to give thanks. Being grateful for the past year, thankful for our friends and all the things we have received. This week we want to share about one our friends, Orange. Over the past few years they have given a lot to a many people by sharing strategies and resources to help organizations impact the people around them.

One of the greatest gifts that Orange has given us isn’t something material though. It’s funny, sometimes the best gifts are something that you can’t hold in your hand.

For us, that gift was passion. They have helped to  reignite a fire in our organization that has allowed us to connect to our community, help youth and engage families.

It is easy to get stuck. Doing the same thing, feeling like your efforts don’t matter, and hearing a  lot of negativity from burnt out people can sometimes make all that we do seem small compared to what stands against us.

Orange helps breathe life back into the our efforts. From working alongside people in the trenches with us, hearing the positive things that are happening around the world, looking at the strengths of our youth and leveraging everything we have to make a difference in our communities.

This year, get plugged in with Orange. They’ll help you build a strategy for your programs, you’ll hear success stories and get connected to a community of people that believe in uplifting communities. Reignite the passion that got you where you are now.

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