One of our core values is growth, particularly in how it plays out for personal development. Growth shapes how we make decisions, how we advocate for youth, how we do training’s, and it shapes our conversations. As a leader it is important to not just sit on our laurels, but to continue to push ourselves to learn new things, discover ourselves more and see ourselves grow into the person we aspire to be. It is a main tenet we tell our youth, that who they were before this moment, is not who they need to be in the next. We have a say in who we are becoming, and that is powerful.

A huge way we have continued to grow is simply in learning new things. We want to instill in our youth a passion for learning and a drive to be an individual that can influence their families and neighborhoods to reach their full potential. We sign up for classes, register for new degrees, dive into new activities and the bravest of all, try new foods. All of this in the pursuit of becoming.

We love that we get to partner with Orange. They are a group of people that love influencing the next generation and empowering leaders to do the same. They do this through Weekly emails, video training’s, and host amazing conferences. While they are geared to helping churches and families influence the next generation, we have always been able to apply their knowledge to anything we do, the programs we partner with or the youth and families we spend our time with. If you are looking for an amazing conference that will help you grow and develop, check out ReThink Leadership Conference. Orange runs this conference during the same time as the Orange Conference, but it is geared to leadership positions specifically. This is your chance to “rethink, rehash, and reshape” how you engage youth and families.

If you passion for growing, challenging yourself and learning, check out Rethink Leadership Conference. We can’t wait to see you there!

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