More than a Number



I was walking up to the football field and noticed he was wearing my number. The same number that I wore when I played for years.

That means something. There is tradition in jersey numbers, there is expectation and there is meaning. You see kids pick out numbers that reflect their heroes and favorite players.

He was wearing my number.

Words couldn’t express what that did for me. I walked up and asked him if it was just a random coincidence. He said he remembered me telling him that was my number from a conversation I had no recollection of.

He did.

You never know what impact you are actually having. There may be no thank you or party thrown in your honor, you may never receive an award. You are still making a difference.

Keep showing up for them. Be consistent and show up when they expect you too and when they don’t expect you too. When you show up when it is expected you are there for your appointments, weekly meetings or programs. When you show up unexpected, you enter into their world, you show up for lunch with their favorite fast food, you pick them up early to go shoot hoops, or you attend their sporting events.

Don’t underestimate the power of your influence in young people’s lives. Keep showing up. You’re their hero.

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