Orange Tour!


In early May, we had to opportunity to attend the Orange Conference. It is by far the best conference that helps impact the next generation we have been too. For a long time we wished we could help bring the information and material to us locally and find ways to bring more of our team. Orange has done just that.

They call it Orange Tour. It is a great way to get a scaled-down, but jammed packed, experience with a ton of information and resources. They have the same great speakers, same great breakouts and amazing resources to share.

Last year, a few people from our team had no clue what Orange was and the impact that Orange is having by influencing the next generation, families, and organizations that influence them. We decided to get our team acclimated by sending them to an Orange Tour stop.

They hadn’t even come back home yet and we were brainstorming new ideas and wrestling with challenging topics. Orange Tour was a great way to get some of our team introduced to Orange strategy. We have had better conversations as a team as we are able to all come from the same reference point and philosophy. Using the Phase framework, we can help address the needs of our youth and their families better as they grow up. In the end, our youth and families win because we look for new ways to engage our community and influence the next generation.

This years theme is “It’s Personal.” We dive in to see how we can not just impact the life of a generation, but get personal with one youth. If you are looking for a strategy to unite your team around check out an Orange Tour stop near you. Just click here to get more information on this great opportunity.

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