Orange Conference has done an epic pivot and gone completely digital! We are super excited to share some insights and thoughts from this conference. We will be posting some of our favorite quotes from each day! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @rally_youth for the latest and greatest!

Kara Powell  @kpowellfyi

Helping Parents Win at Every Phase

We often get confused about thinking that what will help parents win by giving them strategies and resources that will help us win.

  1. Build Warmth – (aging/shrinking) – growing young – WARM is the new cool. WARMTH
    1. Help build warmth different at each phase
      1. 0-4 – MEANS EMBRACE THE CHILD, physical
      4. 9-12 –  MOBILIZE POTENTIAL
      5. YOUNG ADULTS – 18-29 Journey is different, GROW WITH
        1. 18-23 – GUIDE – step in, have it on their own?
        2. 23-29 RESOURCE – card catalog
  1. Empower for Conversations
    1. Not doubt, but silence that is toxic to faith
    2. I DON’T KNOW BUT… let’s talk about it. I know someone, let’s invite
    3. Share personal story
  2. Develop a team
    1. Faith that last – sticky faith
      1. MOST CORRELATED was inter-generational relationshps
      2. NEW 5:1 ratio 5 adults to every 1 young person
        1. Are on your team.
        2. Reminder of the team around them = volleyball

Mike Foster @mikefoster2000

Pay attention to what is underneath the surface: Looking at our needs and understand what is driving us. Understand our story and pain and then deal with it.

Self-Care Strategy: What activity will you do in each time frame to maintain your self-care?

    • Daily-
    • Weekly-
    • Quarterly-
    • Annually-

Simon Sinek @simonsinek

How are you adapting? How are you going to reinvent?


Existential Flexibility – capacity to make a profound shift in strategy, in route, to help your cause.

Most leaders don’t have to go through this once, or twice, sometimes 0. Every leader has to go through it NOW simultaneously.

Change the route that we’re on. Extreme disruptions.

Make the turn.

  1. Don’t jut say adapt. GO BACK TO WHY – inspire people to do what inspires them
  2. What resources, readapt my resources – how do we serve (not how we get)
  3. Ask for help 


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