What We Do

We work with youth to help them develop pathways to success, connect them to community resources, and coordinate services.

Through the power of relationships that mentoring offers we are able to walk with youth as they discover their passions and begin their journey towards becoming leaders in their communities.

Our passion is working with youth that are often overlooked and neglected. In working with youth that have been labeled at-risk,  youth currently engaged in the juvenile justice system, and youth transitioning out of the juvenile justice system we show that all youth are capable of greatness.

Services we provide for youth:

  • youth mentoring
  • life-plan development
  • life coaching
  • career skill building
  • youth advocacy
  • case-management consultation
  • community resource coordination

Services we provide for organizations and the community:

  • Training Opportunities:
    • Youth Engagement Strategies
    • Mentoring 101
    • Positive Youth Development
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid
    • 40 Developmental Assets
    • Utilizing Youth Voice in Youth-Serving Systems
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Youth Program Development across multiple contexts
  • Workshop Speaker
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Youth Program Consultation
  • Youth Case management Consulation

To inquire about a training, speaking engagement or consultation, please email us here.