Wolf Pack Part III


In building a ministry that lasts more than a few years it is key to be recruiting leaders, developing a culture that values them and continually develop the leaders you have. The last few posts have been on the first two topics, recruiting and valuing your leaders. This post will look at some thoughts on how to develop our leaders.

Training your leaders is a big step to developing your volunteers into strong, effective, leaders. Invite, and then pay for, them to attend conferences with you. Challenge them to read blogs and send them material. Honor their time in this and don’t overwhelm them with information. Little pieces here and there go a long way especially when it is relevant information. Let your leaders think about some things they need training on. You do all the heavy lifting to equip leaders to be successful in ministry.

Finding the right placement for leaders will help them develop skills to be successful. I personally like positioning leaders to walk with students in middle school and then through high school. The length allows students and leaders to build rapport with each other and over time leaders are able to speak into the students lives. Find where your leader is strongest and place them in that. Are they good at speaking, or being up front? Place them in a position to be successful with the abilities they are already gifted in.

If you want leaders to lead well place them in an environment where they can see it being done. Whether that is you inviting them to lunch while you talk with a student or apprenticing with one of your more successful leaders. A lot of us learn by experience, watching and learning others lead.

Continue to have an open conversation with your leaders. Check in with them, know their passions and strengths. Understand their weaknesses and how that plays into your student ministry. Leverage their strengths and continue to see where they fit.

Keep seeking to build up your leaders. Be an example to them in how to serve and lead others. Love on your students and you example will rub off to those around you. Its easier to hunt with a pack.

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